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Flute mastery awaits at Edition Neuman.

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Experience the personalized flute education you deserve with Edition Neuman

Are you ready to take your musical skills to the next level and join a thriving community of flutists from around the world?

Look no further than Edition Neuman.

Our platform offers a unique combination of sheet music and educational resources to help you master the flute like never before. Our expertly arranged sheet music will challenge and inspire you, while our flute lessons and consultations will provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

And the best part? You'll have access to the expertise and experience of founder Naama Neuman, a renowned flutist who has dedicated her life to helping musicians of all levels reach their full potential.

At Edition Neuman, we believe that making beautiful music should be accessible to everyone, regardless of location. That's why we welcome flutists from all over the world to join us on this exciting journey. So, grab your flute and let's make some beautiful music together!


Expert Guidance

Personalized flute lessons with expert guidance from Edition Neuman founder Naama Neuman


Top-quality sheet music arrangements with educational support

Start Today

Immediate access to your product and our team is here to help you throughout your entire experience. From personalized advice and guidance to technical support, we are here for you every step of the way.

Flute Discord Community

Get access to our soon-to-be-launched Discord server where you can connect with other flutists and share your experiences, knowledge and skills. Bonus: Receive exclusive member-only content and participate in live Q&A sessions with Naama Neuman.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, which is why we offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Edition Neuman

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Chris Hankin
Just Flutes staff member

To have Grieg's great violin sonata arranged for the flute is a real treat and this has been expertly transcribed. The voicing is very sensitive so that all the lines feel like they were written for us and the whole feel of the piece has been preserved.

You'll love it! (Grieg Op.8 Arr. N.Neuman, Edition Svitzer)


Timothy Hutchins
Principal flute Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Naama's very inspired transcriptions of great musical masterpieces are so gratifying for flutists, both professional and amateur, giving them much needed repertoire experiences which will greatly add to their musical abilities and joy. I am so very much looking forward to performing them!

Tamar Romach.jpeg

Tamar Romach
Principal Flute, Badische Staatskapelle Karlsruhe

I have had the privilege and honor to be taught by Naama while I was preparing for the Haifa international flute competition. 
Naama is not only an expert on flute technique, sound and musical style, she is a fantastic mental coach for the high pressure involved in preparing and playing a competition. 
Her guidance helped me later in life when I was auditioning and winning several principal Flute orchestra positions.


Margarita Timoshin
Principal flute Montreal Symphony Orchestra

I had the unique opportunity to study with Ms. Naama Neuman during my Bachelor's degree at Tel-Aviv University. 
Besides being an amazing flute player, she is also a true musician and a very supportive teacher. 
Naama is extremely attentive to each small note, articulation, and vibrato yet not forgetting to take into account the whole phrase and make music on the highest level. She helped me elevate my flute playing in most needed times, and words can not describe the huge impact she made on my playing.

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