At EDITION NEUMAN, we tailor the best classical music to be performed naturally on the flute.
In publishing online, we invite you to become part of our growing family and to join us on our journey of expanding the flute repertoire and producing the best edition possible.

Meet The Team

Naama Neuman

Founder, arranger and editor

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DR. Timothy Ledger


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"We have nothing to say, so close are we one to

another, but our songs try to answer each other, and

our mouths join in turn on the flute."

- Pierre Louÿs, La flüte de Pan


Chris Hankin
Just Flutes staff member

To have Grieg's great violin sonata arranged for the flute is a real treat and this has been expertly transcribed. The voicing is very sensitive so that all the lines feel like they were written for us and the whole feel of the piece has been preserved.

You'll love it! (Grieg Op.8 Arr. N.Neuman, Edition Svitzer)


Timothy Hutchins
Principal flute Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Naama's very inspired transcriptions of great musical masterpieces are so gratifying for flutists, both professional and amateur, giving them much needed repertoire experiences which will greatly add to their musical abilities and joy. I am so very much looking forward to performing them!

La Traversière magazine.png

La Traversière

Les flûtistes avides d'inscrire dans
E Morceau très en ut: dans le
leurs récitals des pièces puisées dans d'autres répertoires instrumentaux, s'approprieront cette sonate empruntée au violon, originellement écrite dans une tessiture covenant parfaitement
à notre instrument. L'adaptation de
JOU séduisant évoquant Tango
Malizioso la musique de One teto
la première flûte DE forain cirque dans la mène la danse veine de celle de AISIR et Uccellini est, Nino Rota pour le comme le titre film la Strada de F. l'indique, une évocation des (petits) Naama Neuman est séduisante et convaincante. Édition soignée. (Grieg Op.8
Arr. N.Neuman, Edition Svitzer)

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