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 "A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.” - Anonymous

My Philosophy

I transitioned from playing the flute in top world orchestras into focusing on transforming the mindset of university flute students by teaching them how to navigate the changing economy as well as the classical music industry.

As a music faculty member of McGill university, with degrees from several top music performance universities around the world,

I experienced first hand how the knowledge and skills that music students are taught during their most shaping years is extremely out of date. Basic concepts such as time management, finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, and positive habit creation are largely left out. It's no wonder musicians are falling into the "making art for art's sake" trap and not monetising their talent and resources to create the life they want, and having a broader positive impact on others.

I strongly believe that by combining the passion, focus, and dedication to their work that classical musicians develop from a young age with the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship, more musicians will become leading thought figures on the world stage, followed by industry revitalisation.

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Tamar Romach.jpeg

I have had the privilege and honor to be taught by Naama while I was preparing for the Haifa international flute competition. 
Naama is not only an expert on flute technique, sound and musical style, she is a fantastic mental coach for the high pressure involved in preparing and playing a competition. 
Her guidance helped me later in life when I was auditioning and winning several principal Flute orchestra positions.

Tamar Romach

Principal Flute, Badische Staatskapelle Karlsruhe, Germany. 


I had the unique opportunity to study with Ms. Naama Neuman during my Bachelor's degree at Tel-Aviv University. 
Besides being an amazing flute player, she is also a true musician and a very supportive teacher. 
Naama is extremely attentive to each small note, articulation, and vibrato yet not forgetting to take into account the whole phrase and make music on the highest level. She helped me elevate my flute playing in most needed times, and words can not describe the huge impact she made on my playing.

Margarita Timoshin

Former Flutist at Frankfurt Opera, Rostock Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart Opera House and Munich Radio Orchestra

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